Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Celebrating Our Diversity!

Directions for Cultural Identity Quilt

Due: Dec. 2

        At some point in your history, you or some members of your family came here from another country or countries. For this assignment, you will use the Internet, interviews with family members, and an atlas in your social studies textbook to find out more about your ancestors. You will use this information to create a square for a Cultural Identity Quilt.

        Your quilt square must include a picture of yourself. Also, use marker or colored pencil to fill the background of your square Then, choose five of the six options below to complete your square:
        1.      A picture/drawing of a map of your family’s country or countries of origin
        2.      The flag of your family’s country or countries
3.      A picture/drawing that represents a special tradition celebrated in your
country (perhaps a holiday)
        4.      Pictures/drawings of food that is unique to your family’s country
        5.      A picture/drawing of an important landmark in your family’s country
6.      A word or two written in the language of your family’s country

        We worked on a rough draft in class and students have a clean 9x9 square to complete their quilt square.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Thanksgiving Food Drive

The after-school fitness club, Fit Girls, has organized a Thanksgiving food drive for People Helping People. This organization provides much-needed support to Burlington families. They ask that you check your kitchen for extra items such as: stuffing (bagged or boxed), cranberry sauce, mayonnaise, canned corn, cornbread mix, gravy, or chicken broth.
Please support this food drive, and send your child to school with a contribution. The deadline is Friday, November 20. Thank you!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Here is our first guest blogger to tell you about some special visitors to our classroom.

Did you say Turtles?
Written by: Daniel

     Yes, I said turtles.  Here in room 13 we have gotten turtles from the Burlington Science Center.  We are very lucky to have these turtles accompany us in our classroom.  The names of the turtles are Mia and Dorito.  They are three-toed Box Turtles.  Here are some facts about them.  Their scientific name is Terrapene carolina triunguis.  They live generally in Texas, Georgia, and Alabama.  They usually eat earthworms and bugs.  Three-toed Box Turtles usually survive 25 to 40 years.

File_001 (2).jpeg
Mia enjoying her salad.

Dorito would rather eat crickets.