Just Keep Working

Here are some things to do when you finish an assignment or project:

     five poems
     five more poems
     a chapter in a book
     another chapter
     an article in a magazine
     another article

     your Reader's Notebook letter
     a poem
     another poem
     a book review
     five math problems
     a letter to a famous person
     a story
     an explanation of how to do or make something
     an opinion piece on an issue you care about
     a play about something you've learned about in Social Studies
     an episode of Spongebob or another show you like 

     a map of the school
     a bookmark for your favorite book
     a book jacket 
     a diagram of our classroom
     a word search with a theme
     an award for your favorite book or poem
     a timeline of your life

     outdoor sounds you hear
     classroom sounds you hear
     what you see on the way to school
     ten things to do on vacation
     ten ways to change the world
     ten things you do well
     a picture of yourself
     a scene from your favorite book
     an illustration for your poem


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