Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Spring Pictures Tomorrow

Group Picture Day is tomorrow.  O'Connor Studios will be here tomorrow to take the fifth grade class photograph.  Don't forget to send in your payment.  We will be taking the picture first thing in the morning.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Loyalists vs. Patriots

Our Patriots do not include Tom Brady, but we do have Tom Jefferson...Paul Revere, Sam Adams, John Adams, and John Hancock!

Here is an update on what's happening in Social Studies. 

Half of our fifth grade students are Loyalists and half are Patriots.  They can earn points for their team by following the Fox Hill Code, turning in quality work on time, and winning classroom competitions.  Students are super engaged in this activity!

As we finished exploring life in the 13 British colonies we found the citizens unhappy with British rule, especially "Taxation without Representation!"

Students are learning about the many acts that placed taxes on imports and the anger that generated, especially in Boston, home of the Sons of Liberty.

We are currently examining primary sources about the Boston Massacre and will decide for ourselves if indeed the event was really a massacre.  

Soon we will go to the Concord Museum to better understand the impact of the events of April 19, 1775 on the people of that town.  Students "become" part of a prominent Concord family of the time, and learn what challenges they faced and what decisions they made.

During this unit students will research a person or event related to the Revolution, write a report, and create a visual representation to present to their classmates. In this way they can learn about a small part in some depth, but also have an overview of the war from listening to classmates' presentations. 

Monday, March 5, 2018

Report Cards Go Home This Week

Your child will receive his or her report card later this week.  It will be coming home in the blue folder.  If you didn't return the blue folder last time, you can send it tomorrow.  I have already sent the marking key information and the feedback form home (by mistake! oops!)  These should have been put into your child's folder along with the report card.  I will most likely send duplicates which you can recycle or just send back blank. Thank you!