Monday, February 28, 2011

Welcome Back!

I hope everyone enjoyed a great vacation and is rested and ready to tackle patterns and algebra, more Hatchet discussions, poetry, and the American Revolution!  We have a busy month ahead.  More information will be in the monthly newsletter.  Glad to have everyone back!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

Students may bring Valentines to exchange on Monday, but please be sure to include everyone on the class list I provided for your compliments (which are due Monday).  Also, please remember no candy!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dress for Recess

We have noticed a number of children running and sliding on the snow at recess.  While we don't want to ruin anyone's fun (we like playing in the snow too!)  we do want to make sure everyone is safe and comforatable for the afternoon.  Please remind your children to dress appropriately for cold weather, and if they want to walk on the snow they must wear boots!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Ground Hog Day!

picture from Christian Science Monitor

It seems impossible to believe, but spring is coming.  Punxsutawney Phil has seen his shadow and if you"re a believer, you can expect an early spring. (It won't be easy to find under all this snow and ice!)
I am writing in the cozy comfort of my family room next to a blazing fire in the wood stove, while Mr. Lee attempts to push the mounds of snow around outside.  I hope you had some fun in the snow and rested up a bit for the rest of the week.  Hopefully we'll have no more delays or cancellations and can focus on squid, the British colonies, MCAS writing, and solving math problems.  Try this one:
Groundhogs are pretty small animals. Benjamin the groundhog weighs ten pounds seven ounces. Justin the groundhog is younger and only weighs five pounds nine ounces. How much more does Benjamin weigh?
Bring your answer to math class tomorrow!