Tuesday, September 28, 2010

This Week in Room 13

This week we will be studying about ancient American civilizations- the Maya and Aztec. After viewing video clips and reading from the text students will complete a graphic organizer to better understand the important details.  Here's an interesting link to check out:

In Math we continue to explore subtraction strategies.  Ask your child to show you the "adding up" or the "negative numbers" way to subtract.  Later in the week we will work on estimating in multiplication and division, so practice those facts!

We are preparing to group students for reading.  The fifth grade teachers are very excited to be working with even more of the fabulous fifth graders in small instructional groups three days a week.  

As we explore great literature in our Daybooks and in read alouds we are noticing things that readers and writers do.  Today in The Seashore Book by Charlotte Zolotow we experienced the beauty and tranquility of the seashore right here in our reading corner as we reflected on the amazing sensory details and vivid vocabulary. 

 I want to thank all who were able to attend Back To School Night!  It was great to see you all, and I look forward to working with you throughout the year.

Reminder: Bead fundraiser (for fifth grade) due October 8