Friday, March 4, 2011

A Busy Week

     We spent the week finishing a couple of important things.  We wrapped up Hatchet with a final quiz and discussion in which the overwhelming majority expressed their enjoyment of this fascinating book. We also completed a math unit in probability and will continue with algebra next week.  The students are enjoying the exercises in the textbook.  In social studies we finished chapter 6 by looking at a product map of the 13 Colonies and made a generalization about the economy (first we learned what a generalization is and what economy refers to).  Our test is next week. So we are finishing the second term, looking back and looking ahead to the great experiences coming up- like DARE graduation, Survival Day, a field trip to the Concord Museum, and more.
     In an effort to keep students doing their best work, we talked today about keeping our standards high.  This included a reminder to students to write their names on their work, and to turn in work promptly.  Any work turned in without a name, or turned in late will not be accepted, and will receive a "0" .
     A reminder: birthdays will no longer be celebrated with food items. Teachers have been encouraged to limit food related activities. 
     Congratulations to Ivy for being placed on the Wall of Fame for her helpful organization and positive attitude!
     Enjoy the weekend!