Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Independence Day on Friday!

In May??? Yes, we are celebrating the culmination of our research on The American Revolution.  Loyalists and Patriots will present their projects on such topics as George Washington, the Battle of Bunker Hill, Benjamin Franklin, Frances Marion, Yorktown, Saratoga, Ethan Allen, and so many more!  They have worked hard to take notes, write reports that include primary and secondary sources, and create Power Points and posters.  WHEW!  All that work will be in evidence Friday.  As a special treat we are ordering lunch from Kentucky Fried Chicken in Woburn.  It should be delivered at our regular lunchtime after the presentations. (The fifth grade fund will cover the cost.) Students should bring their own drinks. 
The rest of the day will be spent in academic "battles" which include a timeline and unscramble game, and human anagrams- all designed to review and refresh our learning.  At the end of the day we will announce the winners.  Will it be the Loyalists or the Patriots?
Stay tuned!!