Friday, May 3, 2013

MCAS next week

     The fifth grade Math MCAS is Tuesday and Wednesday. (Science MCAS will be administered the following week.) You have worked very hard to prepare, and I know you will do your best!
     Also coming up is "Independence Day", a celebration of our learning about the American Revolution, (The date is to be determined.).
    On May 16 our fifth graders will put their survival skills to the test, as we remember the lessons learned from Brian Robeson in Hatchet and the lessons to be learned about first aid, shelter building, attitude, and problem solving.  You should have received information about this yesterday as well as a permission slip.  Any parent wishing to volunteer is welcome to join us.  Refer to the notice for information or call your child's homeroom teacher.
    I want to congratulate all the singers and dancers who participated in this year's spring musical.  It was a wonderful performance.  Mrs. Coroniti and Ms. Calihou did an amazing job with all those pirates!!!
Again, many thanks for your support to make that evening a great success for the kids!

We are still collecting for Boston's One Fund should you wish to send in your donation.  Thank you!


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