Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Letter to My Students' Families

June 24, 2014

Dear Fifth Grade Families,

Where has the year gone?  It seems just a short time ago I was writing a welcome letter and meeting you all for the first time.  That first day of school back in September was filled with anticipation and excitement.  The children and I spent time sharing our hopes and dreams, and it is my hope that the year brought many positive changes and growth for your child.  We’ve shared so many wonderful experiences: the team building and fun of Camps Bournedale and Foxy, Wall of Fame, student council, Concord Museum field trip, Survival Day, culminating in the fabulous Fifth Grade Reception.  
As your child enters middle school he or she will be filled with the same anticipation and excitement.  With this new school year comes an important transition.  I am confident that they have been given an excellent foundation from all of the teachers at Fox Hill.  I am grateful and proud that I have been part of that team, and a little bit sad that I must say goodbye to such curious, enthusiastic, generous, and caring children.

Please take note of the required summer reading information that you can access on the BPL website which you can get to from my blog.  We have gone over the titles and I have talked a bit about each, so he or she can make an informed choice.  In addition to the required reading I encourage your child to visit the public library this summer and to enjoy the pleasures of great books.  I would love to hear from them about what they are reading and have told them to email me if they would like to keep in touch.

Thank you for your support and your dedication to your child’s education.  Fox Hill parents are the best!  I wish you and your family a fun and relaxing summer.

All the best,
Roseann Lee

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