Monday, August 31, 2015

Great First Day!

Wow! What a super group of kids!!  We had a great day, and I have high expectations for tomorrow too!
We had our first morning meeting and students introduced a partner to the group. They worked hard on a scavenger hunt to locate supplies and classroom tools.  They listened to a wonderful story, Stellaluna, which relates how it's important to be yourself, and to accept others.  They discussed what they had in common over lunch.  In the afternoon we explored many math materials and brainstormed a list of math vocabulary.
In our first Social Studies lesson students looked at some artifacts including a washboard, some arrowheads, a milk dealer's permit from 1924, and my fifth grade report card! We talked about how artifacts are clues to history.  I am looking forward to continuing our discussion when students bring in their own artifacts on Wednesday.
Your child brought home a planner and homework folder full of important papers for you to fill out and send back to school.  Please try to send notices back as soon as possible, especially the conference appointment form.  I look forward to meeting you for a quick conference or at Back To School Night!

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