Monday, September 28, 2015

Science Test Friday

Here is an important post from Mrs. Jaffe:
Before leaving for Camp Bournedale/Camp Eagle Fox, I informed students that we will have a science test this coming Friday, October 2. Students received a test notice that includes information about what is on the test and what to study. The main parts of the test cover the science vocabulary from chapter one of our textbook along with the traits of organisms in the Five Kingdoms. During Wednesday's class, I showed students how to get onto the study website, You can create a free account on this website for your child to access for this and other tests in science, social studies, and math. Just open the page on my blog called "Online Instructional Resources," and scroll down until you find the account creation information under Quizlet. In addition to studying the chapter vocabulary, students should review the Traits Graphic Organizer that they created in class. This should also be in their science folder. 
If your child has not started studying this weekend, I suggest you encourage him/her to start today. Your child will need your support and involvement to study for this test. At this age, most child cannot absorb and retain information for a test without input from a "study buddy."
Let me know if you have any questions about next Friday's test.
- Mrs. Jaffe

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