Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Another Guest Post


The school yard sale is coming to help the Amur Leopard. The fifth grade voted on assisting Amur Leopard conservation. Now, the fifth grade Kindness Committee is working on getting the yard sale organized with IMovies for awareness and scheduling times for the yard sale. The main reason for the Kindness Committee choosing the Amur leopard was because of its population. There are only about 50 left in the world. The yard sale money will be sent to WWF (World Wildlife Foundation) who will use the money to help Amur Leopards and the conservation sites where they live. People will bring in belongings that are gently used and unwanted to the Kindness Committee. Students and parent volunteers will then put the belongings in the yard sale for others to buy.  The yard sale is this Friday, so please send in items and or money to shop!

by Sam P.

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