Monday, March 7, 2016

Students Explore Clay in Art Classes

Clay from the Ocean

    Have you ever wanted to create a pinch pot fish? Well, now the fifth graders at Fox Hill are! If you didn't know, pinch pot fish is a clay fish in which the body/mouth is made out of a pinch pot.
    After the students make the pinch pot base, which takes a  whole art class, the pots go into a bag so that they are still fresh and will not harden before students are ready to turn them into fish.
    Students will create fins and eyes to put on there fish and will be able to create gills as well. Once students put the entire fish together, they are able to paint!
    “I am very excited to do clay because we don’t do clay in art class very often.” Valerie, a fifth grade student working on her own pinch pot fish says. “Clay is my favorite part of art class because it’s different from what we usually do and Fox Hill is lucky to have clay and our great art teacher, Mr. Scarpulla.”
    “I am excited to do clay because I really like making clay models. This is my first time doing a 3D clay model and I am so excited.” say Anya, a fifth grader who is also making a pinch pot fish.
    Our art theme for this year is water, so making clay fish fits right in!

Thanks to Mercedes M. for this post!

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