Thursday, February 25, 2016

You've Got Mail...another student guest post

The Fox Hill Post Office Returns This Month!

As you may have heard, the annual arrival of the Fox Hill post office has happened this month! What happens during this special time is all of our fellow fifth graders get together to deliver the mail that all of the students from around the school write to their friends and family. Delivering a letter is very simple, you just write the student’s name, their address, and our zip code and you put it in our mailbox found in the center of each pod, but beware! If you fail to put on the address, the name, or if you write messy, the letter will not be sent and you will never be able to talk to that person! You must also write quickly because this event only lasts for a limited time only so start writing! I really hope you enjoy this annual event at Fox Hill School, and happy writing!

We also encourage parents to write to their children. There are supplies and a mailbox in the lobby! 
Thanks to Jonathan B. for this post.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Another Guest Post


The school yard sale is coming to help the Amur Leopard. The fifth grade voted on assisting Amur Leopard conservation. Now, the fifth grade Kindness Committee is working on getting the yard sale organized with IMovies for awareness and scheduling times for the yard sale. The main reason for the Kindness Committee choosing the Amur leopard was because of its population. There are only about 50 left in the world. The yard sale money will be sent to WWF (World Wildlife Foundation) who will use the money to help Amur Leopards and the conservation sites where they live. People will bring in belongings that are gently used and unwanted to the Kindness Committee. Students and parent volunteers will then put the belongings in the yard sale for others to buy.  The yard sale is this Friday, so please send in items and or money to shop!

by Sam P.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Student Guest Post

Here is an important announcement written by Jackie B.....
Who said “Yard Sale?”

    I said yard sale! Or, well a “yard sale.” The fifth grade Kindness Committee has chosen an animal to raise money for-the Amur Leopard-and we have a great idea to raise money for it. A “yard sale!” Our yard sale will be located in the Fox Hill cafeteria on Friday, February 12th. It lasts one day only. Fifth graders families-you included-will donate things to our yard sale by February 12th, and we will prepare the items for the sale. Please, do not bring in worn out items, or broken items. Bring in new things, or unused. We recommend things like…
  • Toys
  • Games
  • Books
  • School Supplies
  • Clothing
    If you have anything listed above in good condition, we urge you to bring them in! Other grades will come to the sale and buy some of the things, and the money we get will be used for the critically endangered animal.
    Please help us out and contribute to our “yard sale.” We can bring the low numbers of 57 Amur Leopards left in the wild to 75! We just need your time, effort and help.
    Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this.
Thank you to Jackie B. for this great post!!!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Room 13 News

58 degrees!! in February!! Where are our snow days?  The weather is certainly up to its unpredictable tricks, and as I look at my students wearing shorts and T-shirts, I know that our New England weather may yet give us a dose of winter!

Inside, however our work remains focused and on target!  February is African American History Month, and we will be exploring and reflecting on the contributions of African Americans throughout the month. We begin with a poem written by an African American poet each day in our ELA class. The first poem is “On Liberty and Slavery” by George Moses Horton, born a slave on a tobacco farm in North Carolina. As students identify themes in these many diverse poems I am hoping they will see the unique voice each poet brings to his or her experience as a person of color in America.  Our Social Studies classes will also read articles and look at primary source documents that reveal the history of African Americans in colonial times and the Revolutionary War.  

Students are passionate about so many issues. They did a great job researching topics for their informational pieces in my ELA class.  We have learned about chocolate, leopards, different dog breeds, WWII, electricity, and the water cycle thanks to our class of writers. They used various formats to communicate information, including posters and digital books.  Next, we will look at writing as a way to persuade.  Of course, careful research and note taking are essential parts of this work, so we continue to hone those skills.   I am also hoping to have students contribute more guest posts to this blog. The more authentic writing kids can do the more invested they are in the process.  This, of course, makes the writing more purposeful and engaging!

In Math we have finished Topic 7 which was division of decimals.  We are onto fractions next after some pretesting to assess what students know and what they need.  One thing I noticed while we were working with decimals was that many students seem to lack experience with money.  In these days of gift cards and online shopping, children don’t always know what coins are worth, or how many nickels are in a dollar, (or even what a nickel is).  When was the last time you used coins?!  It may be helpful for kids to break open their piggy banks and count the coins, or help you go through your pockets and sofa cushions and roll those coins!

I am very proud of our fifth grade for stepping up to the many responsibilities they have.  We have noticed better behavior lining up in the morning, and afternoon, as well as at lunch. Many have volunteered to be tutors, and still others are committed to work on the Student Council’s Kindness Committee which is working to raise money to adopt an endangered animal.  You will be hearing more about that in days to come!

Happy February!
Mrs. Lee