Monday, November 8, 2010

What are COWS?

COWs are Carry-over-words.  These are words we misspell on our Friday test, so they carry over to next week's list.  These words are written on the inside cover of the red spelling notebook.  They count on the next week's test, so students need to be studying them along with their weekly list of words.

Another spelling item:  starting with this week's test there will  be dictation.  Sentences will be read and students need to listen carefully and write them.   Also beginning this week when students receive 100% three times consecutively, the following week they are spelling free!  This caused quite a bit of excitement, and a new enthusiasm for studying and using correct spelling.  Students are also accountable for correct spelling in their writing.  One tip for proofreading spelling is to read the writing from the last word backwards.  This forces the reader to concentrate on one word at a time!

A belated bithday wish to Christina, whose birthday was Friday.  We loved the yummy brownies!!
Happy Birthday!