Wednesday, June 20, 2012

"Novel" Poems

Our Guided Reading Class enjoyed 4 different novels in the last weeks of school.  They had several discussions about setting, characters, and theme.  Our final project was to write a group poem inspired by the novel.  Here they are:

The Incredible Journey
Inspired by The Incredible Journey by Sheila Burnford

This is the story of three loyal pets,
who found their masters
whom they could not forget

This is the history of three brave pets,
who stuck together
through worst and best

This is the story of three noble pets
who cared for each other
as they traveled west

The bull terrier was a fighter,
the Siamese clever and sly,
The Lab, he braved a porcupine
and almost lost an eye

In the end the pets succeeded
and made their way back home
So take this reminder,
and never travel alone!

by Jess, Rayna, Luciano, Aditya

Epic War Rap of History
Inspired by My Brother Sam is Dead by Collier & Collier

Tim was a boy who admired his brother
Even though he was told not to by his acusing mother.

His mom and dad told Tim the same stuff
"Get away from Sam and his disgusting bluffs!"

Those parents were right, until Dad was taken away
Onto a British prison ship to stay.

Sam decided to fight in Continental Army battles
But was falsely accused of stealing cattle.

Tim decided to save Sam's life-
And tried to do it all with a musket knife

But sadly, he failed, and now Sam is condemmed to die,
and now, everyone starts to say, "Oh, why?"

Now Sam had no choice but to stand around,
and wait for the executioners to shoot him to the ground.

Shot #1 Sam burst into flames!
Shot #2 Sam fell flat on his face!

And now, Tim is sad and sixty-four,
And now the poem's over- there is no more!

by Sean M., Mona, Swetha, Thomson, Rishabh

Joey Takes a Trip
Inspired by Joey Pigza Loses Control by Jack Gantos

Joey Joey has a mom
Joey Joey has a dad
But they got divorced

They went to his dad's house
The mom left because she was mad at the dad

They had some fun playing ball
but in the end it was not fun at all,

He went to the mall and made a call
and off they went, home...with Pablo (their dog)

by Josh, Isabella, Maggie, Merna

The Upstairs Room
Inspired by The Upstairs Room by Johanna Reiss

The Germans are mad
The Dutch are sad
The mother is dead
Their hair is red
Hitler is crazy in the head
The Oosterveld's let them sleep in the bed
The Hannik's leave them
The Oosterveld's feed them
Usselo, the Canadians do defend
They are all happy in the end.

by Neil, Gaia, Shrija, Ashwini, Sydney, Anusha, Hannah

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