Thursday, March 6, 2014

Another Harriet...

Harriet Hanson

At five A.M. her work began,
changing bobbins-filled for empty.
She drudged twelve hours through each day,
six days a week for paltry pay-
until the bosses cut all wages.

In factories around the town rose loud complaints.
“This isn’t right,” the mill girls shouted. “We will fight!”
Some risked their jobs, went out on strike,
and marched as one down the street.
Arm in arm,
they sang their song.

Harriet’s friends were scared.
They argued long.
Their parents counted on their earnings.
Should they stay or turn-out, too?
The strikers were about to pass.
“I’m tired of talk!” she spoke at last.
“I don’t care what you might do!
I’ll go alone.”

Harriet joined the throng,
but then she saw-
a surging swirl

of fellow workers follow her!

by Ann Whitford Paul

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