Friday, March 21, 2014


By this time you have heard about the PARCC field test. As of now the schedule has our homeroom  taking various parts of this test as follows:
Math on Wednesday morning (3/26)
ELA on Thursday afternoon (3/27)
Reseach/Narrative on Friday (4/4)

During the two weeks of testing grade 5 students will remain with their homeroom teacher for Math and ELA.  We will be teaching a unit in Geometry in Math, and will be continuing with independent reading and writing activities in ELA. Science and Social Studies will continue as normal. As the week progresses I'm sure we will need to "tweak" the schedule and our plans, so we remain flexible as well as curious about PARCC.
 Since this is just a field test, as you know, no results will be shared with us or you.  I have discussed the test with all of my students and reminded them to do their best, but not to feel any pressure. They will be taking the test on Chome Books.  There will be questions that they may not feel confident about answering.  They all seem to understand that this is an opportunity for Burlington kids to get a little experience with this format of testing before the the actual test occurs in the future.
If you have any questions I urge you to contact me or  Mrs. Johnson or Dr. Conti.

The only MCAS assessment they will have is the Science/Technology MCAS sometime in May.

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